New Motives Make up line comming soon

Motives by Loren Ridinger.

The most appreciated Christmas gift from the man in your life?  Send him in for a gift certificate and after Christmas we will custom blend the perfect match for you!

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  1. Motives by Loren Ridnger is here and it is awesome!

    Get a gift certificate for your custom blended make up and we will create the perfect match for you after the holidays!

  2. Dear Friends,
    While helping our local Salvation Army
    My favorite kindergarten teacher, Norma Rhodes, was in the salon last week and was telling me about our local Salvation Army. Norma is on the board at the Cortland Salvation Army and she was telling me some sad news. The Cortland Salvation Army had to close their food pantry temporarily because they do not have enough food on the shelves.
    Additionally, there was a break-in over a weekend recently and a freezer door was left open, spoiling all of the meat that had been in there. As a result, they cannot provide the one hot meal during the week that they usually do until they can replenish what was ruined.
    Help us at Kay’s Styling Center help our local Cortland Salvation Army and we will help you with your Christmas gift giving! For each bag of food you bring in to help restock their pantry shelves we will give you a FREE $10.00 gift certificate to use yourself or to give as a gift!
    This is a good opportunity to scour our cupboards or to throw a couple extra cans in our grocery cart to help out our community. But we must act soon – we can only give $10.00 gift certificates away until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving!
    Please spread the word – this is the time of year when families rely even more heavily on the Salvation Army.
    Thank you very much, in advance, for all your support!
    Cindy and the girls, Kay, Amanda, Ashley
    Kay’s Styling Center
    95 Groton Ave.
    Cortland, NY 13045

    Ps. we will be delivering all the bags of food Wednesday night to our local Salvation Army.

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